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Daniels Carpool Information

Dear Parents of Carpoolers:

It has come to my attention that carpool students are being dropped off and picked up on Sanderson and Wake Drives, behind the school.

It has been a long standing policy that carpool students shall be picked up and dropped off on the Daniels Campus. This rule is in effect to make sure our students remain as safe as possible and that the flow of traffic continues, unimpeded. We also want to insure that all families are treated fairly so that we do not wind up having more student, picked up off campus. In the morning, I’ve observed students exiting cars on Wake Drive and diagonally crossing to the far side of Sanderson, between cars that are moving through the carpool lane, in an unsafe manner. In the afternoon, carpool riders are congregating at the corner of Wake and Sanderson waiting for their ride. This slows down the orderly flow of traffic and endangers those students crossing the street to their cars. I am aware that some parents are in a hurry and wish to avoid the on campus carpool line, choosing to turn left onto Wake or Sanderson.

It is my hope that these issues can be remedied in a cooperative fashion. If, however, this activity continues, I will ask the Raleigh Police Department to monitor the area as they have done in the past. Let me also remind you that there are posted signs along the street which state that there is no stopping or standing during the posted times, 7:45-8:15 and 2:45-3:30.

Please use the carpool system as it was designed, so that we can keep our students safe and continue to be good neighbors to our parent drivers and those residents who live near our school.


Craig Matthews

Interim Principal

December 7, 2016

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